About CA20120 Action

Intelligence-Enabling Radio Communications for Seamless Inclusive Interactions (INTERACT)

Radio communications have become one of the pillars on which our Society relies for performing many daily tasks. Indeed, they have not only changed the way we interact with each other, but, in the next future, they will have an even broader purview, enabling new interactions that will make industries more efficient, lives more convenient, transportation safer and contribute to better well-being.

The Intelligence-Enabling Radio Communications for Seamless Inclusive Interactions (INTERACT) vision is to go beyond the capabilities of the 5G vision and to make the radio network itself intelligent, meaning aware, adaptive and parsimonious. Radio network intelligence is required to enhance the human experience of both human-to-human and human-to-machine communications and make it seamless, with the perception of no intermediary. In a long-term vision, wireless networks will not only become intelligent, but they will constitute the nervous system to foster intelligence in other systems, such as transportation, factories and cities.

This COST Action aims at contributing to this societal transformation, by developing the next generation of radio communication networks, 6G. Challenges include

  1. to perform fundamental research in the fields of antennas and propagation, signal processing and localisation, network architectures and protocols, to design intelligent-enabling radio communications;
  2. to exploit Machine Learning tools for the implementation of many aspects of this network intelligence;
  3. collecting sufficient evidence of real-world data and making them available to the research community by building the INTERACT datasets.


How to apply

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